Op Shopping and Café Hopping in Labrador

Pretty items for sale at the op shop in Labrador on the northern Gold Coast

Labrador is a small, beachy suburb just north of Southport on the Gold Coast. It has a funky vibe and community feel with a number of cute and delicious cafes scattered throughout. It also has quite a few op shops where you can donate old clothes and homewares and/or shop for interesting bargains. So, Stefy and I decided to have a girls’ day out visiting the op shops and we each had $20 to spend on our treasures. I was really curious to see what Stefy would be interested in buying as she is not usually a keen shopper and, like her dad and brother, she tends to get in and get out as fast as possible.

Map of Labrador with Op Shops
Op Shops in Labrador and Southport

Our first stop was to Thaiger café where we grabbed a quick bite to fuel our mornings activities. Stefy had a chocolate muffin and babychino, while I had my usual breakfast burrito and coffee.

Thaiger cafe and restaurant
Thaiger cafe in Labrador
Cafe hopping in style
She speaks French…fries, but you can’t say no to a chocolate muffin
At Thaiger cafe on the Gold Coast sipping skinny lattes
Someone seems to be enjoying her latte
Cutest babychino on the Gold Coast
How cute!!

Once we were full, we started at the AWL (Animal Welfare League) op shop on Turpin Road. There is some parking on the street or you can also park behind the building (down a dirt track). I love this op shop because it helps the animals in our local area to find homes and be looked after.

Stefy took a liking to some rattan balls and artificial yellow flowers. While we were debating her choices, a man snapped up the rattan balls (I think he might have heard us and realized they were hot property) so Stefy quickly grabbed the flowers and made a purchase ($4). This op shop has a lot of stock in a small space, so you need to be ready to rummage around.

Animal Welfare League QLD Op Shop
AWL Op Shop Entrance
Royal wedding memorabilia
Op Shop finds
Bargain hunting at Labrador on the Gold Coast
You need to move quickly to get the bargains

Our next stop was the Labrador Anglican Op Shop. We parked on Turpin road and walked because the parking on the main road is awful. I forgot to take a picture of the front of this shop but this one was really good for books. They had lots of books that looked almost new and I picked up a Hunger Games trilogy and ‘’The Giver’’ for Ethan at this shop for $12. Stefy found a very pretty pale pink bracelet and spent $2.

Second hand books at the Labrador Op Shop
Good choice of books
The Hunger Games series of books by Suzanne Collins
Books and bracelet it is

Our third op shop was just around the corner and was the RSPCA op shop. I had never been to this one, so it was all new to me. Something I didn’t realise when we arrived was that they have animals (for adoption) in the op shop. I am so glad that Stefy had limited funds or she would have taken a cat home. They also have an area dedicated to pet food and other items for domestic animals at the entrance.

RSPCA Op Shop on the Gold Coast
The sign is not joking about the animal adoptions
Cute black cat up for adoption at the RSPCA op shop Gold Coast shop
Should I or shouldn’t I?

The layout of this shop is much larger than the other two, and items were grouped into colours and styles with an emphasis on the clothes and shoes being set out nicely, on mannequins and shelves (see opening picture). Although we both liked the shop we didn’t end up buying anything here.

lovely china at the RSPCA op shop on the Gold Coast
Many pretty items
The voyages of Doctor Dolittle second hand book at the RSPCA op shop Gold Coast

Our next stop was Vinnies op shop. We had a good look around and Stefy bought two rings for 50 cents each ($1). This shop has a lot of furniture and is a good place to go and rummage as they seem to have a lot of stock.

Vinnies Gold Coast Op shop

Our next stop was the Lifeline op shop in Labrador. It was probably our favorite shop for layout because it is set up to be quite spacious inside and there is air-conditioning. This shop didn’t have the usual strong musty odor of the other op shops, it felt more up-market and we both liked it. It had a lot of bric-a-brac and games. Stefy wanted a jigsaw puzzle but changed her mind afterwards. She bought a cute butterfly ring ($1). I was loving a set of 70s style retro glasses but, since my kitchen is busting at the seams, I decided to be sensible and leave them behind.

Lifeline Op Shop on the Gold Coast
Our favourite
orange glasses and bowls from the Lifeline op shop at Labrador, Queensland
I really liked these

showing off the items bougth at the op shops in Labrador and Southport
Hard work pays off

Our final shop was the community op shop on Stevens street. It is very conveniently located near the D-point-Ten doughnut shop who bake fresh doughnuts daily. I found a cute red 70s a-line skirt here and Stefy was gifted a small bird statue she loved when I paid for the skirt. Naturally, Stefy loved that shop and is very keen to return as soon as possible. The shop is quite jumbled with home goods, furniture and clothes so it is a great place to spend a fair amount of time.

Community op shop in Labrador, Gold Coast, Queensland
Added bonus: next door to donuts!
D point ten doughnut shop in Labrador, Gold Coast
Choice time

Something we noticed in almost all the shops we visited was the way the staff took an interest in us to check if we were in need as we shopped. This was really nice because, although we were having a fun day out, some people do really need these services and it is great to see how they contribute to and help the community.

What about yourself? Do you have a special bargain shop you like to buy from? Did we miss any around the area? Let us know in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “Op Shopping and Café Hopping in Labrador

  1. LOVED this post! The pictures look amazing and I’m a HUGE cafe lover. Must visit them all! Thank you for sharing x

  2. What a lovely little town, full of great shops. You deffo cannot beat a bargain. I would have been in every one of these shops…I love a good charity shop. Some great finds!
    I always head over to the crockery section to see if there are any cute china cup/cake stands on offer.

    Thanks for sharing, it’s not a place I have heard of before!

    Aimsy xoxo

  3. Thank you so much! All those places were cute in one way or another and the coffee was awesome!!

  4. I made that mistake so many times! Hopefully some we will visit each other’s Southports. 😀

  5. Thank you so much! Glad you liked it and that you can use the information. Stay tuned for more posts about local cafes and things to do around the area.

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