About Us

Family of four looking at the sunset from a beach.
A sunset or a dawn? It doesn’t matter, tomorrow’s another day.

Hi everyone. Welcome to Four Nomadics! We are a family of four travelling the world and having adventures. Our names are: Fanuel, Michelle, Ethan and Stefy. We have lived on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia for the past fifteen years or so, with one year in between when we lived in northern Italy.

Michelle and I have been travelling since we were very young so we’re not new to the nomadic lifestyle. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know new people and their cultures. I still get a real sense of excitement when I first get to a country I’ve never seen before. Now we want our teenage children to experience the exhilarating feeling of freedom that you get when you see the beautiful world around us.

Why now? Well, I have worked for many years as a company manager and had a successful business. These past few years though, I started to feel that something was missing. My best years were flying by, with nothing to account for except a few dollars in the bank. We discussed as a family whether we wanted to try and change things around and we decided that we should give it a try.

Thi is the plan of action: close the family business, sell the cars and put our belongings into storage. We have already bought tickets for a round-the-world trip and started researching the lands that we’re going to visit. In the meantime, we are focussing on what’s near us, so you will see a few posts about our local attractions. There will also be posts about our lifestyle, with lots of recommendations and photos!

Hopefully when you read this we will be still enjoying a life of nomads. Either way, the journey will never end.