Tuscany Italy

Ok, things are starting to get exciting here. We leave in about 24 hours for our round the world trip and we genuinely can’t wait to jump on the first plane.

Tuscany Italy 1
Finally here!

Yes, I know that jet lag is going to be absolutely awful flying the wrong way (west to east), but we’re planning on sleeping on the planes as much as we can to get used to the time at the locations we’re visiting.

So, up to last week our trip plan included a sneaky visit to the southern Italian region of Calabria, at the end of our three-week stay in Italy. Unfortunately that will not be possible this time round and so we had to look for an alternative. The place needed to be relatively close to Rome, because that’s where we’re leaving from, when departing Italy on our way back to Australia.

Introducing our new destination: Tuscany!! Yeah baby!

Tuscany Italy 2
Soon to be our panorama

I am so so happy to go there! We will be visiting Florence for one day and then explore the Chianti region, as well as some other towns and villages nearby. All the while helping local restaurants and trattorie (inns) with testing out their delicious food and wine. 

I know, someone has to sacrifice himself. Here I am. I’ll do it.

Tuscany Italy 3
I will. 😉

Anyway, here we go. Next post will be from the U.S. Ciao!!

2 thoughts on “Tuscany!!

  1. Oooh, enjoy it! I lived in Italy for a year, in Emilia Romagna, and I visited a lot of it. You will absolutely love it!
    Brush up on your basic Italian phrases though, English is not really spoken there xD Also, if you are in Florence for just a day, the entrance to the Santa Maria Novella is free and be sure to visit piazzale michelangelo – a lot of stairs though if you chose to go on foot, be ready haha.

  2. Thank you so much for the Florence tip!! We will visit those places you’ve mentioned.
    As far as speaking the lingo, I’m originally from Italy. 😁
    Whereabouts did you stay in Emilia Romagna? My father’s side is from there, from near Faenza. 😮🙂

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