Why Dreaming of Puglia?

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This week I’d like to give you all some background information about our “Dreaming of Puglia” series.

Out of the five weeks that we will be travelling around the world in June-July, we’ve decided to stay in the Italian region of Puglia for a whole ten days. Why are we dreaming of Puglia, you might ask, and not of the more famous Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily or any other of the 20 fantastic regions that make up this unique, stunning country? Well, there are a couple of reasons…

Discover 2
I know, Cinque Terre is beautiful but…


One side of my family comes from Puglia. Along with many of their contemporaries in southern Italy, after the Second World War they were forced to move to the North to chase work, which at the time was plentiful in the factories of the big cities in Piedmont and Lombardy but virtually non-existent where they lived. They settled in Turin, where the FIAT car factory was expanding and making lots and lots of cars (think FIAT 500, first edition) during the economic boom of those years.

dreaming of Puglia 3
This Fiat 500

This is where I grew up and where I spent time with my grandparents. While living in Turin, they told me a bit about Puglia, the things they did there, the food they ate and about some of their relatives, but I wasn’t very interested at the time. It didn’t help that the animosity between Northerners and Southerners was still very strong and that all ‘meridionali’, the Italian term for Southerners, were viewed with suspicion and contempt.

Growing up in such an intolerant climate I didn’t want to focus too much on the part of my family that came from that area. Not that I didn’t like my grandparents. I loved both dearly and I enjoyed very much going to their place to meet them and play cards or watch TV. I just chose not to delve into the provenance of half my genes. When I look back at those years, I wish that I had asked so many questions and get to learn heaps more than what I did.

With these thoughts in my mind, I’m still quite ashamed that I’ve never visited the birth region of my grandparents. Things will change soon though, and I feel better already. I feel like I will be re-discovering where I am from, why I am who I am. It’s a bit like getting your DNA tested, I suppose, just more fun.

discover 4
Me searching for my genes

It is THE Upcoming Destination

The second reason, which I hope will have a bearing on all of you, is that Puglia is an amazing region and fully deserves a place on its own in the absolutely-must-visit destinations of Italy. It calls for exploration and to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace, taking in all the stunning scenery, its miles and miles of unspoiled beaches, its culture and its jovial and generous people. So far, it’s not been overly discovered by hordes of tourists yet, but Italians have been holidaying in Puglia for a very long time.

And no wonder: how could you not like a beach like the one at Polignano a Mare? Or the sea view at Baia dei Turchi, near Otranto? Have you ever heard of Gargano? You will, soon enough, when it becomes a world destination, because it’s simply idyllic!

dreaming of Puglia 5
Polignano a Mare
Discover 6
Baia dei Turchi
dreaming of Puglia 7
This is Gargano!

Or what about the Grotta della Poesia, a natural pool that has been classified among the 10 best natural pools in the world?

Discover 8
Grotta della Poesia
dreaming of Puglia 9
Aerial view of the Grotta della Poesia

Do you want to see pink flamingos? You can do that too, in Puglia. Just head to Saline dei Monaci in the province of Taranto and you’ll be among these colourful birds.

dreaming of Puglia 10
So pink

Are you a history buff? Puglia will be your dream then! With numerous diverse people inhabiting the area throughout the ages, Puglia is a treasure trove of artifacts, ruins, castles, abbeys, cathedrals, ancient Roman roads, and much, much more.

dreaming of Puglia 11
Castel del Monte, circa 1240 A.D.
dreaming of Puglia 12
The Name of the Rose anyone?

Perhaps you consider yourself a foodie. Well, here words escape me really: may I entertain your fancy with seafood, pasta, sweets, wine and cheese galore for you to taste and indulge in? The coffee that will make you stop and realise you’ve never had a real coffee before? What about a sumptuous multi-flavoured gelato? Yeah, I thought you’d like that.

dreaming of Puglia 13
dreaming of Puglia 14
In all its glory
dreaming of Puglia 15
Salivating a bit now

So, there you have it. That’s why we’ve started the Dreaming of Puglia series and why we have decided to spend ten days discovering this unique region.

Below you will find some useful links to accommodation and things to do in the towns of Puglia that we will visit. You will notice that many activities revolve around food and drinks as this is the Italian way of life. Happy to oblige, if you ask me.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you too, will soon be dreaming of Puglia!!

Lecce Accommodation

Stay at a luxurious apartment with wellness centre!

Spend less but still in the historic town centre

Lecce Things to do

Do olive tasting at an olive grove

Lecce Things to do
Olive tasting in Lecce

Or a street food tour by bike

Street food tour Lecce
Street food tour in Lecce

Alberobello Accommodation

Stay inside one of the Trulli!!

Or at this trullo

Alberobello Things to do

Learn to make Orecchiette, the typical Pugliese pasta

Alberobello things to do
Orecchiette = Little ears

Or what about a vineyard tour and wine tasting in a trullo for mum and dad?

Alberobello vineyard and wine tasting tour
Sounds good to me

Bari Accommodation

Stay at this B&B, simple, but clean and in a great position

Something fancy in the middle of the city

Bari Things to do

Visit the caves of Polignano a Mare by boat

Things to do in Bari
Get your camera ready

Buy, eat and cook like a Barese

Things to do in Bari 2
Learn to choose seafood

Vieste Accommodation

Unforgettable views at this accommodation

A bit of luxury with nearby beach

Vieste Things to do

Trekking to an old farmhouse while tasting cheese and wine

Things to do in Vieste, Gargano
I especially like the cheese and wine part

Wine tasting with a young and passionate sommellier

Things to do in Vieste 2
My kind of activity

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12 thoughts on “Why Dreaming of Puglia?

  1. Pugila looks beautiful, I’ll have to add it to my list of places to visit!

  2. Thank you, it’s a stunning region and it’s much cheaper than more known destinations such as Tuscany or Umbria.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Such beautiful location. Will definitely keep it as my next destination for vacation

  4. Looks absolutely stunning! I’ve never actually heard of this place before so I am definitely intrigued and adding it to my list of places that I want to go!

  5. Such beautiful photos. Really makes me want to go on vacation.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. I would love to visit Puglia one day, it looks like such a beautiful place!

  7. It sure is! We will post many more photos when we go there in June-July. Stay tuned!
    Thanks for stopping by.

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